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Update of our school library

We recently had to make our library space smaller as our school went through internal changes due to growing numbers of pupils. As the library room now feels tighter, it is even more important than before that the room is inviting, attractive and well-resourced to inspire our pupils to read and grow their potential.

We realize that libraries without sufficient numbers and types of books as well as without well-designed spaces may not be able to adequately support student’s learning, their critical thinking, or even enjoyment of reading.

Our aim is to create a library with a good amount of up-to-date books, resources and space where books will come to life, space where our pupils will feel that reading rocks and where they will become the shining stars as part of each story to foster the kind of learning we are hoping to see in students today as well as supporting all of our student’s needs.

Last summer we have reduced the number of outdated books by donating them to charities but we still have far too many books that ideally need replacing. As a SEN school we also need to widen the collection of sensory books, for example books with sounds, flaps, interactive books, books that will captivate our pupil’s attention and support the multi-sense stimulation with the visual, tactile, auditory and kinaesthetic inputs which majority of our pupils need while reading. Our children need to build the visual connection between words and text which can be also achieved by using other resources and/or technology to help support and increase engagement within children.

As a result, we would like to purchase new carefully selected books to broaden the pupil’s reading and encourage them to try different genres and authors. Up-to-date books would give our students correct and credible information. This would include fiction and non-fiction books, audio books, sensory books and picture books for older readers, pop-up books, graphic novels etc. We would also like to equip the library with story sacks, puppets, smell boxes and pots, Colour Cards – Outdoor/Indoor Sounds to enhance the children’s listening skills and language development in order to help with our sensory learning.

To help supporting the sensory reading, we would also like to purchase a CD Learning Combo from Coomber which is a transportable CD Player with multiple ports for headphones and iPad connection which would allow us to connect a tablet, smartphone or a laptop. Our current audio system is outdated and very limited when it comes to available audio options. We are also planning to purchase an echo box which will allow us to make sound effects while reading.

In order to boost the library space and create a place that is both magical and irresistible, a space that the children can’t wait to spend time in and enjoy books, we would also like to purchase LED Ceiling Panels from Visualite which would help incredibly to lighten up and enlarge the library space and bring the reading experience into another level. Visualisation is very important for our pupils with special educational needs, who need a sensory focus to access stories.