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Welcome to our news page.  Here you will find the latest news and information from the school.

Should you need more details please contact the school office and we will be happy to assist.


School update

Dear Parents and Carers,

We are looking forward to having all pupils back in school on March 8th following the latest government guidance. As you are aware the advice for special schools has been different during this period and we have tried to support as many pupils with face to face teaching as possible, whilst maintaining a safe environment for all. I’d like to thank all of you and all of the school staff for their support during this very challenging time.

I appreciate that this will be anxious time for some of you as children return and I would like to reassure you that all the measures to keep everyone safe remain in place. This includes enhanced cleaning and personal hygiene regimes, use of PPE, face coverings and face visors. Class bubbles will also remain small with extremely limited contact to anyone outside of their group. All staff have been offered the first of their Covid vaccinations with very good take up and this should help to limit any potential spread within school.  Twice weekly Covid testing is undertaken by staff to pick up on any asymptomatic individuals. As yet we do not have any plans to test pupils in school as we feel this may be counterproductive when moving towards full attendance and detrimental to pupil’s mental health. However, we will keep this under review and home testing kits are available for secondary aged pupils. If you would like one of these kits for your child, please let us know and we can arrange for one to be sent home.

Transport is resuming as normal on the 8th March, our pupils our exempt from wearing face masks but can wear one if they wish. The whole of the transport route is considered one bubble for the close contact tracing and if a child or adult tests positive on that route then that bubble would need to self-isolate.

If you still have concerns about sending your child into school, please raise these with their class teacher next week. This will enable us to put a supportive plan in place and hopefully reduce the anxiety.

Thank you to everyone who took part in our remote learning questionnaire. The results showed that the vast majority of families were happy with the support they were receiving with their child’s education. A few of you raised issues around not having access to a laptop or poor internet connection. We can help with both of these issues by loaning laptops and arranging for additional data either through broadband or 4G.

With so many children accessing remote education and online content it’s really important that we keep update with online safety both in school and at home. The government have just updated their advice and guidance for parents and it can be viewed here.

Please keep in touch with school and do share any concerns about our full reopening.

Thanks for your support,






Letter to parents – The start of the Autumn term


Dear Parents and Carers

We are nearing the start of the Autumn term, when all children are expected to return to school. We hope that the summer break has been a good one and that your child/children are keen to return to school on Monday September 7th. Many parents have been asking what changes will children see in their return to Pathfield and what are we doing, as a school, to minimise the risks for all students and staff?

All staff will have their temperature taken in arrival at school.

We have not had any identified cases to date, but if there are any concerns about any member of staff and their health, they will be sent home and told to isolate, request a test for Covid 19 and inform us of the outcomes. Parents will be informed if there are any positive cases identified within the school, and Public Health England will also be informed of the situation, where we will then follow their advice and guidance.

On arrival at school, children will have their temperature taken and then escorted to their classrooms. Each class will be an independent Bubble, with a set staff team, ed by the class teacher.



Each class will be a ‘Bubble.’ The Bubbles will not mix and all have a staggered break time and lunchtime. Staff will not be shared across Bubbles during the day, but the therapy team will have access where appropriate.

If a child becomes ill, they will be supported in the isolation room and parents will be contacted. If there are any identified cases, parents of children within the Bubble will be informed and all  PHE protocols followed.


Cleaning routines.

Hand washing routines include washing on arrival at school, before breaks and lunchtimes and at regular intervals throughout morning and afternoon sessions. Each classroom will be thoroughly cleaned each evening, after the children have left school, but throughout the day the class team will be responsible for regular cleaning of the chairs, tables and resources. All doors and door handles will be cleaned regularly throughout the day.


Face Masks.

As schools, we have all been tasked with making our own, local decisions about the children wearing face masks.  Government  guidance was made with mainstream school in mind, where corridors are often tightly packed with students at transition times.

In a special school most of our students will not be able to put on a face mask and, in some cases, won’t accept one on their face. The issue therefore is potentially not about the students, but staff. All staff will be wearing their face masks whilst in school, working with the children.

Students do not appear to be alarmed by this, but if your child wishes to wear a mask, they are welcome to do so.



The County Transport Team have been working through the holidays to organise the transportation of the children to and from school. We do not have any say in how this will be managed. If you have a concern, please let us know or contact the transport team directly.


Staff will be in school on the 3rd and 4th of September for training. During this time, I will be asking the class teachers to contact each of the families within their class group, to explain the procedures and to welcome you and your child back to school.

We hope you enjoy what is left of the holidays and we look forward to working with you into the future.