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The School Day

Please find some helpful information for parents and their children returning to School in September 2020 here.


Pupils can have one-to-one activities during the day such as Thrive session, music therapy, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy pool session, etc. These are scheduled individually for each pupil and therefore are not part of the normal day, so will not appear on the table below.

             09:00                Arrival and individual programme
              09:15                Registration
              09:30                Session (1)
              10.30                Break and Personal Care
              11.00                Session (2)
              12.00                Lunch time and Clubs
              13.30                Physical Challenge
              13.40                Session (3) and personal care
              15.00                Reflection time, preparing for transport.
              15:15                Children leave class for transport.
              15:30                End of school day.