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Pilton Association of Schools

The Pilton area of Barnstaple has four schools in its catchment – Secondary, Special, Junior and Infants.

Due to locality, the four schools have formed an alliance under the name of The Pilton Association of Schools. Already the four schools have joined together in taking part in small performances at the local shopping centre; teaming up for ‘reading buddies’; supporting each other at exhibitions and events; taken part in joint fundraising events such as Children in Need, Sports Mile, Cancer charities; anti-bulling activities, etc.

These joint activities have enormous benefits for the 1,804 young people concerned.

  • Inclusion
  • Sharing of ideas
  • Shared resources
  • Team building across age and ability range
  • Supporting each other
  • Peer mentoring
  • Transitional support
  • Educational benefits
  • Educational/curriculum sharing practice
  • Showcasing performing arts
  • Enhance literacy levels

The schools plan to extend their joint activities for the benefit of ALL pupils in terms of extended educational activities, joint inclusive activities and community cohesion.