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Our aims

We aim to

  • ensure that Pathfield School works on the basis of a culture of praise and support for all, where expectations are both ambitious and challenging, developing a culture of resilience
  • work closely with partner agencies, including Children’s and Adult Services to ensure the safeguarding and best possible outcomes for children and young people
  • have purposive(*) interactions with all parents / carers, ensuring the collective voices of child, family and all agencies are heard
  • ensure all parties recognise that the safeguarding of Pathfield’s pupils is their responsibility: ‘Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility’
  • support the role of a dedicated Pathfield Family Liaison Officer to facilitate the above and explore ways to include families with pre-school children (such as Little Explorers)
  • ensure that the language we use in reports including Education, Health and Care Plans is accessible to all
  • ensure that the curriculum is meaningful, enterprising and allows culture capital(**) for success, using our space creatively to meet need
  • embrace new ideas such as ‘Purposeful Systems’
  • starting the preparation for adulthood on entry to school
  • meet the challenges of tight budgeting with creativity and innovation
  • ensure all parties recognise that the financial health of school is their business, helping us to remain financially secure

(*) Purposive – serving or effecting a useful function, though not as a result of planning or design
(**) Culture capital – a high level of enlightenment as a result of extensive training and exposure to learning.