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School Council


The School Council is made up from pupil representatives from across the school.

  • The School Council meet every half term to discuss and plan ideas for the school.
  • The agenda for meetings is dictated by issues raised by the School Council or other school and local initiatives. Recent meetings have included helping to choose our class names by running questionnaires with staff and students.
  • The School Council have run interview panels for new school teachers and have also helped to interview and choose the local health service provider, Educational Psychologists and Learning Disability Nurses.
  • School Council representatives meet with the Pathfield Governing Body every half term to share their views on the school with the governors.


Champions for Change –

Pathfield school are proud and active members of Champions for Change.

Champions for Change is the voice of all children and young people in Devon who need extra help with their learning. The group is run by young people with SEND for young people with SEND, and the champions meet up regularly either in person or in virtual meetings.

Champions for change developed the Listen, Hear and Understand principles adopted by Devon Safeguarding Children Partnership.


Listen, hear, understand

Listen – ask me first

  • Where am I in your strategic plans?
  • Where am I in your organisation’s plans?
  • Where am I in my own plan?

Hear – listen and act

  • How do you know whose voice you are hearing?
  • Can you listen to me in lots of different ways?
  • When did you ask me?
  • Have things changed?
  • How do you know I am involved?

Understand – show me, tell me, prove it

  • How will you use what I say to change what you do?
  • What difference will it make to me?
  • Who will check that it has?
  • Who will tell me and how?
  • How will you know how well you’re doing for me?
  • What next?

You can find out more about the group at How children and young people can get involved – Education and Families (