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Piano lessons

At Pathfield School where all of our children have profound and multiple learning difficulties or autism, we have 6 children who are musically talented. Three years ago, we enabled 1-to-1 piano lessons with an excellent and empathetic piano teacher Rebecca Balzari-Barrow. The piano lessons however had to stop due to budget constraints which was very disappointing for the children, as they loved their lessons and they were all making great progress in a short time.

In May 2019, we secured a grant from the Barnstaple Peter Davie Trust for £450, which enabled these 6 students to have 5 more piano lessons each during the Autumn term (September – October 2019). These lessons unfortunately had to stop again as the funding has run out, yet so many successes have been reaped and all 6 students have great desire and commitment to continue.

We are therefore seeking funds in order to continue the piano lessons, ideally throughout the whole school year in order for the students to continue their music education, improve their skills, develop confidence through music and possibly help them with their employability in the future.

Total grant amount per school year: £3,510