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School update – Friday 10 April 2020

Friday 10th April 2020


Friday 10/04/2020

Dear Parents and Carers

The world continues to see the strain of the impact from Covid 19. Our hearts go out to all those families impacted by this awful disease. As described to me earlier this week, this is like the fingers of frost, creeping out across the nation. A vivid image of how this virus is spread.

At Pathfield the safety and Wellbeing of the school community is of the upmost importance to us at all times, but it is of an acute importance during the 2020 Corona virus Pandemic. The school has carried out a full risk assessment, as is our duty, to ensure the safety of the school community as much as possible, taking into account the advice and guidance provided by a range of sources. As Headteacher I would like the school to return to its normal routines and functions, but in the current climate, it is just not safe to do so. At this present time we are still in ‘lock down’ with the clear message that children are safer at home with their families. A message that we are fully supporting when risk assessing the way forward.

The school has made the decision, in line with its SENtient schools within the Trust, to provide remote Learning for the vast majority of its students. This will continue to keep everyone safe during the Pandemic. However, after the Easter break, the school will be partially open for four days each week. Tuesday to Friday inclusive. The school will be thoroughly cleaned, with each area being cleaned regularly throughout the day, the 72 hour break between opening, allowing any remaining virus to be killed off.

We want to be as transparent as possible, so that everyone knows and understands what is happening both in school and out in the wider community. Whilst we understand that all of our children and young people are vulnerable, we will only be providing childcare for  Key Workers and the most vulnerable of our school community. We will continue to provide support and guidance from the teaching team via regular phone calls, e-mails and activity packs where requested for all children who are at home during this time.

The school’s environment is limiting in terms of size of classrooms, corridors and reception areas. This, in turn, limits the number of people in the building at any one time. I have personally invited  11 students into school where we are opening 10 classrooms. The rooms available are of  an adequate size to adhere to social distancing.  There will only be one child in each area with two members of staff, a ratio of 1:2. (One area will have 2:3 as the classroom is bigger in size, compared to other areas.) The children will only be allowed into the classroom and adjacent outside areas each day, this complies with social distancing and keeps everyone safe.

Careful consideration has also been given to a number of additional staff required to keep the school running e.g. admin and premises staff. They too will be limited in their access to the school and their working hours. They will be restricted to specific areas of the school in order to carry out thei work commitments.

To be very specific, we are only providing child care, where children will access the tasks and activities that children are being offered in their activity packs for home learning. Please keep an eye on the learning section of the new school website. This is being constantly updated with ideas and activities, alongside sites for you to access for learning activities. If you too have found something that you would like to share with other families, please let us know and so that we can add this to the site too.

Unless you have been contacted by myself, personally, please do not bring your child into school. Unfortunately, if you arrive at school uninvited you will be asked to take your child home. Transport have been advised who the named children are and will only collect those on our list. This is not the usual friendly way in which we like to work, but is a necessity at this time. I hope I have your full support and understanding, as all I want to do is keep everyone safe.

Enjoy the sunshine and the Easter weekend as best you can. Take care and please stay safe.