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Note from Dawn Stabb Head of Education and Learning regarding free school meal holiday vouchers

Thursday 11th February 2021

Dear all,

We have now issued all the free school meal holiday voucher codes for the February half term break, either to schools via AnyComms, for those who could help distribute them, or to families directly.

We hope that most families will now be familiar with redeeming these voucher codes via Black Hawk’s ‘Select’ website as they are the same ones we issued at Christmas.

There’s some useful information on our website – .

We don’t want eligible families to miss out on this support, so we encourage parents and carers to redeem the codes as soon as possible (and before Sunday 18 April). Similarly, there are a small number of the codes we issued at Christmas that still haven’t been redeemed, so please remember, you need to do this before Sunday 21 February.

If you have any queries or issues relating to the vouchers, please contact our free school meals team on 01392 383829 or email


Dawn Stabb

Head of Education and Learning

Deputy Chief Officer Childrens Services