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Newsletter – End of Term, July 10th 2020

Friday 10th July 2020

Dear Parents, Carers and Guardians,

Firstly, I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has supported us throughout the last 4 months, as they say, unprecedented times for everyone. However, you have all risen to the challenge and allowed your children back into school, although limited by the current situation, it has been good to have the children with us.

Today the teaching team has been in a training session about supporting children on their return to school. As you are all aware, due to Covid-19 restrictions, transition time has been very limited this year. Throughout the last week of term, the class teachers will be contacting parents of those children who will be joining their class Bubbles in September. They will also make contact again at the start of the new term. If you have any questions or thoughts about the move to the new classes, please discuss this with the class teacher or myself, if you wish to. I will be putting some information onto the school website about how to support the children and their return to school in September. I hope you find it useful.

It is quite sad that we have had to shut down our Facebook page. This is due to some unwelcome comments about our children, which is totally unacceptable. I hope that you will agree that this is the best option at this moment in time, as we want to keep our children safe. Until we can get a more secure platform from another media source, we will not have access to the Facebook pages for our school.

Information about the new guidance for schools will be on the website as from Monday 13th July. I will also be including some advice re transport for you to look at as well. However, the full information can be found at (You might have to copy and paste this into your browser.)

During the summer break

Bev will be running PAC during the holidays. I am sure she will be in touch with you to let you know about what will be happening and how they will be running the Club.

Avril and the maintenance team will be working on a variety of projects around the school. This will include: –

  • Upgrading the toilets along the corridor outside Natalie, Nathan and Adam’s classroom areas.
  • We have had to change our wall art at the entrance to the school and in the school hall. This is due to GDPR, as we did not have the consent from the students that had left, to display their image in school. Unfortunately, it means that the pictures have had to be removed and new Wall Art will be installed. However, if your child was part of the display, we do still have the photographs on our system, should you want a copy.
  • The lower play area is being developed to include a multi inclusive provision for all of our older children. There will be a trampoline for wheelchair users, a crows nest swing (sensory), outdoor gym equipment, story area, large sand pit, an adult sized slide and games printed on the floor area. There will also be a small outside learning room. The bike/football area will still be available to all of the children too. This will be ready for September.
  • The library is going to have some changes too. This area will have the main library area, two small learning areas and a new meeting room available for staff to use.
  • We are adding a new food technology area, for the younger students, and a dedicated music space for the teaching of music/drama.
  • The new Pathways provision should be open for September, but will need redecorating and new carpets too.
  • The school corridors are being redecorated, with clearly identified areas so that all of our children can access the whole school site without any hindrance.
  • We are also anticipating the start of the new building during the summer break.

With the new build in mind, please note minibuses will be dropping and collecting the children from the lower play area. As this means we will have minibuses using the side road, I am asking that you do not park in this area, as you will block the road for buses coming in and going out of school. Taxis and cars will be able to follow the normal access into school from the main road.

As you will agree, this is a lot of change, but all very positive.

Finally, I hope you have a good summer and to remind you that Vanessa Newman, Ness, will be in school during the break, should you need any support or information. She will be posting her availability on the website for you to use.

Cherie White