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Sixth Form

The Key Stage 5 curriculum at Pathfield is driven by preparation for adult life. We take a great deal of care to provide individualised learning programmes for all of our students, which aim to prepare them for their next steps beyond Pathfield.

The transition process is central to student success at their future placements, and we aim to support our young people and their families in making the right decisions. We have excellent links with local providers in education, employment and care. Equally, when students aspire to move further afield to residential colleges for example,  we are keen to work closely with staff at prospective placements. Mary Penning from Careers South West provides further support for Pathfield students and their families.

Each year, we review the destinations of students who have left, so that we can critically analyse the curriculum, and ensure that it is doing it’s job in terms of preparing our young people for life beyond Pathfield. Parents are invited to comment on how they feel the transition process went and the level of support they received. Sustaining this parental contact also enables us to keep up to date on the opportunities which are out there for Pathfield learners.

Please find the below the destination documents, with parental comments.

Leavers Document 2015

Leavers Document 2016

Leavers Document 2017

Leavers Document 2018

Leavers Document 2019

Each year we hold a Transition Information Event for parents/ Carers of Year 9 to 14 students . At the Transition Event, you will be able to meet and talk with a huge range of providers including further education providers, supported living, respite facilities and financial advice for the future.  There will also be opportunities to listen to parents whose young people have left Pathfield and gain an insight into the process from their point of view.

Please call if you have any questions regarding Transition or Preparation for Adulthood on (01271) 342 423 or send me an e-mail.

Careers and Work Related Learning

At Pathfield, Careers Education is encompassed by the term Work Related Learning. We recognise that whilst not all of our students will access paid employment, the skills and knowledge related to work related learning and are both relevant and aspirational for all of our young people and plays a fundamental role in their preparation for adulthood.

Our aims:

  1. Equip every student with the skills, knowledge, experiences and accreditation necessary to achieve their desired outcomes on leaving Pathfield.
  2. Provide each student, and their family with the knowledge and experience needed to make informed choices about their future.
  3. Develop student voice, self-advocacy, decision-making and transition skills.
  4. Learn about careers and the working world.

The curriculum for our students is flexible and reflects individual ability, need and aspirations. From Year 10 upwards, each student has a working document called a Destination Pathway and this informs the creation of a bespoke learning package with appropriate accreditation in preparation for their desired outcomes – linked to education, work and living on leaving Pathfield. The young person’s voice is central to this document.

We endeavour to be creative in the delivery of our Work Related Learning. From Year 10, each student has at least one specific Work Related Target, linked to their EHCP and IEP. These targets embedded across the curriculum and are reviewed termly. Once they reach Key Stage Five, students who are able to, access individual work experience placements within the Community. Others access internal placements within the school and some access group placements with outside providers – working with the National Trust or at RHS Rosemoor for example. In addition to this, students from both Key Stage Four and Five run different community Cafes, from a local Church and the Library respectively. We regard Enterprise education as a fundamental part of Work Related Learning, and our students are involved in making items for a pop-up shop based in site, in addition to planning and hosting coffee mornings at the Town Station site.

In order to get the best possible outcomes for our young people, students and their families are supported in making informed choices about their future. Careers South West support our young people and come both to Reviews and into classes. They also provide students with IAG. Students who are considering a move onto Petroc are supported in extended transition visits there. In addition to this, parents and carers are invited to attend an annual Transition Day during which a range of providers and adult services are invited to present, alongside the parents of students who have recently moved on from Pathfield. We track students who have left Pathfield for three years after leaving, so that we are able to evaluate the success of our curriculum against the outcomes identified on their Destination Pathways.

Work Related Learning Team:

Karen Goodwill – KS5 Lead

Beth Temple-Thurston – Post 16 teacher with responsibility for Accreditation

Advisor from Careers South West

Governor with responsibility for Work Related Learning and Careers

Information and Guidance from the Careers Development Institute, including the SEND Gatsby Benchmark Toolkit is used in informing our Work Related Learning curriculum and in informing the School Development Plan.