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Welcome to our outreach support page.

Our outreach service is aimed at developing supportive and beneficial relationships with schools in all phases across North Devon. We wish to support and assist our colleagues in mainstream schools in achieving successful and inclusive education for young people with SEN. We are fortunate in having a strong staff team who are experienced practitioners in working with young people with a significant level of need.

Some of the ways in which we are able to offer support would include:

  • Advice and guidance in planning, differentiating and personalising the curriculum for those pupils working significantly below age-related expectations.
  • Observation of pupils with complex needs, followed by recommendations for strategies to use in supporting them.
  • Opportunities for teachers and/or teaching assistants to visit Pathfield to observe classroom practice and view resources on an in reach basis.

As from April 2016 we no longer receive additional resources to support the development of SEN with our colleagues in mainstream schools, which means we must now charge for the service we provide. We offer standard rates if you choose to pay per hour for support, or can offer pre-paid discounted packages, which can be used to support more than one student where enough hours are purchased. Each student that is supported through our service will need an individual referral.

Our standard rates are listed below:

  • £67 per hour visit rate (outreach)
  • £50 per hour visit rate (in reach)

Discounted pre-paid packages:

Option one:  5 hours of school based support (either outreach or in-reach) = £300

Option two: 10 hours of school based (either outreach or in-reach) = £600

Packages may include:

  • Observation
  • Staff advice and consultancy
  • Resource recommendations
  • Report
  • Demonstration of strategies as needed (provided through in reach)
  • Support to implement strategies
  • Sign posting to other relevant agencies
  • Training
  • Travel
  • Admin

If you would like to enquire about possible outreach support please contact our Headteacher Mrs. Cherie White at the following e- mail address:

Please click here to view our referral form.

A comment from our previous evaluations:

“We are finding the support from your school really helpful and staff are buzzing with ideas and thoughts. So thank you to the whole outreach team” 
(Primary head in Braunton)