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Welcome to Pathfield schools Photo Gallery. Here you will find a selection of photos of pupils and staff involved in various learning activities. If you wish to have a copy of any of these photos please contact the school and we can arrange this where appropriate.

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Firebird Performance - Forest School - July 2016


This is a selection of photos from Pilton Association of Schools’ Firebird performance held at Pathfield’s Forest School in July 2016. Set within the shrubs, bushes, trees, pond and sensory areas of the Forest School site, the audience watched this traditional Russian fairy tale performed by students and pupils from the four schools - Pilton Community College, Pathfield School, Pilton Bluecoat Junior and Pilton Infants' School.

Armed Forces Day - June 2016

Armed Forces Day

This is a selection of photos from Pilton Community College's Armed Forces Day in June 2016. A collection of exhibits and interactive activities show an array of equipment and skills used by UK's armed forces.

Sports' Events

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Ten Tors Jubilee Challenge 2016

Ten Tors 2016

Pathfield pupils took part in the Ten Tors Jubilee Challenge in May.  This trekking expedition, on northern Dartmoor, is designed specifically for young people with special needs, both physical and educational. It was incorporated within the Ten Tors Event in 1977 as the Special Event and was renamed the Jubilee Challenge in 1996.

Art Exhibition at the Queen's Theatre, Barnstaple

Art Exhibition at the Queen's Theatre, Barnstaple

This annual art exhibition, which took place at the Queen's Theatre during June and July, demonstrates the imaginative and inspiring artwork produced by our pupils.  The displays are available to buy - with any money raised going to the school's multi-sensory room project. The event attracted many visitors, including the Mayor of Barnstaple, Cllr. Julie Hunt.

Townstation & Rose Hill Collaboration

Rose Station

Rose Hill and Town Station proudly present the "Rose Station" collaboration of "Can't stop the feeling" by Justin Timberlake.