Pathfield Training Session for Parents

At Pathfield, we believe that working in close partnership with parents, carers, and volunteers, enables our pupils to have the best chance of reaching their full potential.

With this in mind, we will be running a range of workshops within the school. The aim of these workshops is to share knowledge and skills as well as providing us with an opportunity to explain the theory and purpose of some of the sessions you might see on your child’s timetable.

The information below provides an overview of what each workshop will cover.  If you are interested in coming along to any of the workshops please contact the school to register your interest or to find out more information. Alternatively, check the 'Newsletter' section on this website for any letters that have been sent home regarding courses or workshops.

We would be delighted to hear any suggestions you might have for future sessions.

Makaton Taster—Led by Penny Bacon

This offers an introduction to the use of Makaton to those who are ‘new’ to it! The course is approximately an hour long. 15 places available. Price—Free for parents & Volunteers.

Makaton for beginners.  Designated course—Led by Penny Bacon

This is a 12 hour certificated course for parents and carers. This will run for 3 hours once a week over 4 weeks.


How to encourage your child to do what you want them to do! Led by Penny Bacon

This short workshop will focus on how to help your child do the things you want them to using reinforcement. For example, how to help your child use an electric hand dryer / have their hair cut / drink out of a cup etc.

Price—Free for parents & Volunteers.

Transition Day—Led by Laura Matthews

Focus: Personalised packages. What kinds of things are available for life beyond Pathfield. We will be hearing from past parents who have experienced the processes involved in putting together three very different packages for their young people. We have also invited local providers in, to give an overview of the kinds of activities and short break opportunities there are within the local area.

Price—Free for parents & Volunteers.

Total Communication—Led by Laura Somerville

We will look at what Total Communication is and how it can be used at home to help you to communicate better with your child and if necessary help to manage their behaviour.

Price—Free for parents & Volunteers.

Behaviour Management, de-escalation & using communication to avoid confrontation—Led by Matt Sykes

Ideas and strategies in managing challenging behavior, through the avenues of de-escalation and total communication.

Price—Free for parents & Volunteers.



Accessible programs for computers & tablets,

e-safety—Led by Matt Sykes & Stuart Allman

It can be difficult to keep updated with all the advancements in technology and how best to keep yourself and children safe whilst online.  This will be a practical session in which we look at settings, controls and simple fixes that will help.  There will also be an opportunity to trouble shoot any specific issues that you may be having.

Price—Free for parents & Volunteers.

Sensory Learning—Led by Karen Goodwill

Sensory drama session, linked to Communication and the senses, including a focus on how the senses can stimulate learning.

Price—Free for parents & Volunteers.

Literacy strategies, including Wave 3 intervention—Led by Laura Matthews & Karen Goodwill

A brief overview of phonics and how to teach them. Exploring methods to encourage and support children who are nearly, or in the early stages of being able to read and write.

Price—Free for parents & Volunteers.

Sherborne Developmental Movement—Led by Laura Somerville

Sherborne Developmental Movement is a movement programme aimed at developing body awareness, spatial awareness, self confidence and self esteem and relationships with others.

Price—Free for parents & Volunteers.

Physical skills related to writing & independence—Led by Laura Somerville

We will look at how the fine motor skills necessary as a pre requisite for handwriting and how these can be developed. We will also look at how to start developing handwriting and how you can support with this at home.

Price—Free for parents & Volunteers.

Physical Development, Fun Fit & Take Ten—Led by Mark Funning

Covering the early stages of physical development, Cross Lateral Exercises and why we practice them with our pupils. An overview of FunFit, Take Ten and their benefits.

Price—Free for parents & Volunteers.

Thrive—Led by Rose Perkins

Feelings are closely linked to behaviour and emotions are key to the learning process. The relationship between a child and a significant adult is an under-recognised and under-used resource, but by using The Thrive Approach we can enhance this relationship, which will bear fruit. We will look at strategies and activities to use to develop these aspects.

Price—Free for parents & Volunteers.

Learning through play—Led by Rose Perkins

Learning through play is a term used in education and psychology to describe how a child can learn to make sense of the world around them. Through play children can develop social and cognitive skills, mature emotionally, and gain the self-confidence required to engage in new experiences and environments.

Price—Free for parents & Volunteers.

Motor Skill development & activities to improve—Led by Laura Somerville, OT & Jane Warne

We will look at how physical skills develop and activities that can be done to enhance this. We will also consider how physical skills relate to the development of independence skills and how children can reach a level of independence in different independence tasks.

Price—Free for parents & Volunteers.

Developing fine motor skills through play—Led by Jane Warne, OT, Jayne Austin & Laura Somerville

Fine motor activities—Using fun activities that are easy to set up, to help promote a whole  range of skills.  To give your child a sense of achievement, while helping to develop essential skills for everyday life.

Price—Free for parents & Volunteers.

Toilet trouble shooting!—Led by Alison Jackson, Rebecca Oates & Penny Bacon

How to use reinforcement in helping your child become toilet trained.

Price—Free for parents & Volunteers.