Mission Statement


We aim to promote an Ethos that:-

  • Facilitates Total Communication and Interaction to ensure that we provide a basis for life-long learning through which everyone can be challenged to achieve their potential and exceed their expectations.
  • Builds respect, fosters self-worth, dignity and up holds the rights of the individual so that they can achieve, with the appropriate facilities for their unique needs, to enhance independence in adult life.
  • Embraces cultural diversity in all its forms to develop community spirit and cohesion.
  • Provides teaching and learning in a creative, valued, practical and fun way appropriate to each individual.

 We value:-

  • The individual, recognising their abilities and providing for specific physical, cultural, emotional and developmental needs.

  • The unique difference of all individuals, recognising that their talents and abilities can be extended to develop self-confidence and independence.

  • A safe, happy environment where learning is fun, stimulating and exciting.

  • Teamwork. Where teaching and learning is shared by all key figures in a young person's life, including school staff, parents, carers, governors, other professionals and agencies.

  • Good communication between pupils, staff, parents, carers and other professionals recognising that it is the key to the good relationships necessary to build a safe, happy and fun learning environment.

  • The quality of learning that transmits within a peer group and cohorts of children.