Pathfield School Equality Objectives


By Sept 2016All Teaching Assistants will be deployed across the school effectively to maximise the learning and progress of all pupils across the school.

This was a key priority from the previous Ofsted Inspection. Governors are aware that this has formed a project as part of the whole school development plan and the significant progress that has been made. Pathfield led on the MTA project at the last Special School Conference, supported by Rosemary Mitchell before she was Chair of Governors. Please see evidence in the monitoring file in Head's office.
By Sept 2017All staff will be using Makaton at all times with all pupils to maximise pupil understanding and learning.

Penny Bacon has worked hard and continues to work to maintain the highest standards of Makaton across the school. Penny maintains a rolling programme of training for agencies, staff and parents.
By Feb 2018All policies will include a diversity and equality commitment statement.
By Sept 2018We will deliver an awareness of Total Communication, Makaton and updated Learning level training to at least 3 different agencies and community partners who regularly work with pupils at Pathfield school.

We will encourage all individuals from those services to implement their knowledge of Total Communication when communicating with our pupils at all times.
By Sept 2018All agencies/groups visiting school to work with our pupils for at least 3 consecutive sessions will complete an induction course to include Total Communication and Makaton.
By Sept 2018To deliver disability awareness sessions to at least 3 community facilities to enable Pathfield students and others with SEND to access facilities as independently as possible.
By Sept 2018To ensure all cohorts of need and key stages access trips or residential visits and physical exercise appropriate to their needs and choices to respect their well being.
By July 2018The governing body will be receiving reports that reference performance in terms of the nine protected characteristics as defined by the Equality Act 2010.