Religious Education (RE)


We believe that the RE can help children reflect on issues in their own lives and show how others have faced life challenges.  It allows young people to understand and experience people and cultures whose beliefs and values differ from their own.

RE can offer moments of peace, reflection and calm, and offers children an opportunity to share meaningful experiences and beliefs.   Staff at Pathfield understand that our students are often instinctive young people who can have spiritual insights, questions and experiences that are not reflected in other areas of learning.

RE offers colourful sensory experiences.  Students at Pathfield experience the world strongly through their senses and we use these opportunities to develop communication skills, a sense of self, and a sense of community.


  • To enable pupils to understand and experience Christian beliefs and practices and the beliefs and practices of other world faiths.
  • To teach tolerance and challenge prejudice towards others, including people of different faiths.
  • To provide opportunities to develop an understanding of living in a multicultural, multi-faith and multi-lingual society.
  • To maintain links with local churches and other religious communities and figures.
  • To provide opportunities to develop communication, a sense of self and a sense of others.
  • To provide sensory experiences which allow students to respond instinctively to moments of awe and wonder.
  • To help pupils experience, respond to, and explore questions relating to religious and spiritual dimensions of life.